Harvesters In Sport Ministry

...empowerment through sport and strategic charity work...

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Mission Values

  • We value changed lives as the heart of HIS.
  • We value dependence on the Holy Spirit in life and in the fulfillment of the mission.
  • We value people development (affording life chances to the less privileged) and the pursuit of one’s full potential in life.
  • We value home and family evidenced by balanced lives and healthy relationships.
  • We value unity in DIVERSITY where we work together toward common aims with a genuine love for one another.
  • We are convinced that TEAMWORK is a way of accomplishing far more than working apart as individuals.
  • We encourage ACCOUNTABILITY to each other and daily walk with Christ.
  • We believe SERVANTHOOD as seen through the life of Jesus, is the supreme example to follow in ministry.
  • We value PARTNERSHIPS in mission with others who are also serving Him to the same end for we believe that we are a part of what God is doing to build His Kingdom here on earth.
  • We value EXCELLENCE as we pursue our best in every responsibility.
  • We value COMMITMENT to the great commission with a sense of urgency and a willingness to sacrifice.

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