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HiS Zimbabwe

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In Zimbabwe where it all began we are currently running two projects. One in rural Nyava and the other in Peri urban Mount Hampden.

We are currently serving an average of 300 children, 80 youths and 40 women weekly at our two centres.

Harvesters in Sport Zimbabwe is run overall by Hatiatyi and Concilia. Being ably assisted by a team of caregivers and volunteers.

At Mount Hampden the local area Leader is Vaida Nyamapondo who presides over a team of 10 caregivers and volunteers.

At Nyava in rural Bindura the local area leader is Wilmot Manyika who presides over a team of 8 volunteers.

Currently we have a Darwendale area community that has approached us and are keen to have our programs running on the ground. We continue to pray and trust God for provisions to make this happen.

Please visit the prayer diary for weekly updates and log onto our facebook page Harvesters in Sport Ministry for weekly updates and photo galleries. Pictures are uploaded at least twice a month.

We have added the Testimonies link and Opportunities tab. We will be reviewing information on there regularly too. And we welcome your suggestions and ideas to make the work better. Do email us.





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