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HiS Sports Programs:

Below are our sports programs in various communities in our areas of operation. These strategies have been used in Zimbabwe but are now going to be spread out to all the areas we are operating from or hope to operate from (Zambia and Uganda)

Street Children initiative

This was launched in 2010 in response to delinquent behaviour reported in the media by the street children of Zimbabwe. We felt we could offer a little recreation in our own small way and contribute towards good behaviour of street children in ZImbabwe. Having successfully launched this model in Zimbabwe we hope to see it in operation in the rest of the countries we will be operating from. We are training youths (street children) on an open space adjacent to the Greenwood Park for children. See photo gallery for images.

Community Sports Teams and leagues

These consist of sports teams in communities which currently are academies that we are running which are a vehicle for sports outreach, individual empowerment and employment creation. The purpose of such teams is to set a working example for other athletes and Christians. With such teams we aim to deliver sporting education and open doors for bible study groups in areas where such things are not easily accessible. On top of all this, we are making an effort to make it a viable livelihood for the community coaches on our teams.

It is our desire to start senior teams in football as well as other sporting disciplines. What we believe is sports open a way for interaction and when this has been achieved it is easier to teach someone something than if one had just approached them without that interface.

By leagues we hope to help churches run successful recreational programs that have a huge impact on their communities at large in terms of evangelism and help curtailing delinquent behavior in communities as youths have a lot to do with their free time.

The Soccer Academy concept is functional in order to:

  • Create a form of productive recreation for young people in high density suburbs and rural settings.
  • Offer football skills training and experience to children who are otherwise ill-exposed to such opportunities for professional instruction.
  • Create opportunities to change the lives and attitudes of misguided youths.
  • Create conducive environments in which evangelism is possible.
  • Share life skills with young people in urban and rural communities.

Our football ministry revolves around the community-based academies that we have spent time creating here in Zimbabwe. In rural Bindura and  Chigomo area a peri urban setting in Mount Hampden. HiS runs soccer academies for children who live in high-density suburbs, peri urban and rural settings that would otherwise not have the opportunity to play competitive football at zone level and receive training from qualified coaches. . The most recent of these is our Chigomo academy, a model launched beginning of 2011 but had to be suspended due to lack of a playing area. the training resumed this 2012.

The purpose for these academies is mainly to offer young people football skills and spiritual guidance and yet we are aware of the subsequent benefits this sporting initiative also provides. Sport can be an essential part of a positive and constructive lifestyle and we enjoy being able to offer the children this kind of opportunity.

Bindura Academy was formed in 2010 and has seen a major community shift towards football leading a local leader to start a division 2 semi -professional team. This team is being coached by our community coach. The academy itself caters for over 80 kids in the area and has potential to grow beyond 100 kids.

The Chigomo area has numerous children and youths but we started with kids as basis of stimulating interest and it’s a lot easier to organize children. The academy trains 60 kids on average every week. The Chigomo peri urban academy started in 2011. Please visit our facebook page or our prayer diary for more detail.


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