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These are subsidized camps run through Harvesters in Sport for the purposes of leadership training, mainstreaming HIV/AIDS issues recreation and integrating of mainstream children with orphans and other vulnerable children (OVC). We focus on the basics of sporting disciplines such as basketball, soccer and volleyball as well as leadership and social/life skills, whilst giving OVC an opportunity to interact with mainstream children away from the conventional home or school setting. We find that exposure is a great tool for empowerment and that camps are a fun way to do this.

Abstinence Academy this is a four day teen camp during the April Holidays. Our goal is to meet with young people and promote abstinence by creating a suitable environment to address teenage sex, reproductive health and present suitable activities, offer counseling and give them skills. We are aiming to genuinely engage youth, affirm positive choices and mentally stimulate them to make informed decisions using tools like life skills lessons and leadership

Junior Sports Camp (teaching basic sports skills to primary school students) this is a four day April Holidays fun and talent promotion camp where we teach junior students the basics of sports such as basketball, soccer, cricket and tennis.

Junior Leadership camp this is our four day annual camp for Junior Students and is run every August Holiday. This incorporates life skills, grooming, home responsibility and leadership training. We seek to catch them young and empower them with the word too.

Senior Leadership Camp This is a four day December Holidays camp for senior students encompassing sports training, career guidance, art workshops and some bridging for those who are leaving high school and heading to tertiary level education.





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