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Sponsorship and Donations

The options on how one can give to HiS for the various causes are endless! We are not looking to drain anyone of all their finances but to find a way to continue our ministry with the necessary equipment and funding for mainstream children as well as orphans and other such vulnerable children (OVC).

Cash and Cheque Donations

These are donations made to HiS directly in order to assist us in the daily running of our ministry. They may also be channelled to the efforts outlined below as deemed necessary by Harvesters in Sport. These cheques and  cash gifts can be given or issued to HiS through annual, bi- annual, quarter annual and monthly contributions, by honouring a pledged amount or whenever the funds are available. Banking Details: Harvesters in Sport, FBC Bank, Nelson Mandela Branch, SORT-CODE: 8102, AC: 3115071430153, SWIFT CODE: FBCPZWHAAXXX. Our Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) Business Partner Number: 200057950. All financial donations may be deposited in the above account, and receipts sent to us through our postal box, which is Box HR1525, Harare, Zimbabwe.

Feed a child

$2 will feed a child per week. we currently have up to 250 children attending our drop in program in Mount Hampden and 150 attending our academy in Nyava in rural Bindura.

Send a child to school

Close to 200 children need help with school fees, uniforms and stationery. Your finances can help make a difference in the lives of the numerous children we work with. primary schooling costs $20 per term. Stationery $7 per term. Secondary schooling costs $50 per term. Stationery $15 per term. Uniforms prices vary from $20 per child to $35. Uniforms usually last a year minimum.

Mobile Library

We want to start a mobile library for Mount Hampden and Nyava in rural Bindura. In our own small way we want to contribute towards improving and maintaining literacy levels. A reading culture is definitely one way to do it. We do not have the books nor the van to move around or the computer to record children's names against the books they would have borrowed from the library.

Sponsor –A- Sport

This is a method of donating to HiS by either buying the needed sports gear or giving Harvesters the above-mentioned monetary donations, with the specified desire of assisting to buy the equipment. The sports we major in and need equipment for:

Soccer: Bibs, balls, cones, and soccer boots

Basketball: bibs, balls, and mobile hoops

Volleyball: balls, nets

Field Hockey: balls, sticks, protective gear for keepers

Rugby: balls

Cricket: bats, stumps, balls, protective gear.

Any equipment purchased would be the property of HiS to be used on the annual sports camps and the coaching/ training clinics in the various disciplines.


HiS also supports harvesting through song and music- to open the minds and hearts of children. This system works just like Sponsor-a-Sport except we are looking for musical instruments and sound gear:

Speakers, Keyboards, Drums, Microphones, Guitars

Anything to make a joyful noise! (The terms that apply to the sports equipment also apply in the case of musical instruments). In addition we are looking for sponsorship for multi media equipment, that is, power point presentation equipment for our slides and so forth.


By this we mean one could contribute for a desired duration. For example a donation could be made monthly for a stipulated time (first quarter, second quarter in that order).  At the end of this period we could offer you a half price ticket to our next scheduled conference or some such token of gratitude. When sponsoring a season your money would go directly to a specific department/programme unless one has no preference as to where the funds are channelled and wish to merely make a constant contribution in the spirit of social responsibility.

Advertise On Our Site

By this we mean our website, naturally. You can advertise on the Harvesters in Sport website and gain mileage; while we gain recognition and support so do you. It is a win-win situation beneficial to both parties as our readership is growing daily and the message is spreading worldwide about the HiS mandate and movements. So why not give towards a worthy cause and enhance your business in the process?

N.B. 5% of all unspecified donations given will go to helping pay for the OVC HiS subsidises in order to take them to our annual camps to integrate them with mainstream, conventional children.

The rest will go towards costs/projects such as

Paying professionals who charge a fee at our various camps (either to speak or coach the children)

Saving for a HiS  bus

Booking fees for our annual camps

We would like to extend our gratitude toward all our sponsors and partners, who have stood with us. Please feel free to sponsor us financially or in kind, as you see fit.


Ambassadors in Sport South Africa

They have been our senior partners for over 10 years. We have participated in their programs and drawn a lot of inspiration and purpose for our own programs. You can contact Mark Slessenger the Hope Academy Director on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or Tim Tucker the Ambassadors Director on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


This pertains to our local partnership with the Zimbabwe Football Association and Zimbabwe Soccer Coaches Association. HiS facilitates the training of the coaches and players. There are international coaches who are associates of the ministry and they occasionally come to the country to upgrade local coaches and train local players.

Sports Coalition Zimbabwe

This is an organisation that acts as an umbrella for sports ministries in Zimbabwe and as HiS we collaborate with them.


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